Septum Vase

Kosta Boda
Item: Septum Vase
Brown: 6.75" Diameter x 15.75" Height
Golden Brown: 7.67" Diameter x 12.4" Height
Smoke Grey: 8.25" Diameter x 8.63" Height
White: 7.63" Diameter x 12.38" Height
Materials: Glass
Designed by Mattias Stenberg
“Septum” actually means “dividing wall”, e.g. the dividing wall between the right and left atrium and ventricle in our heart. Could we somehow create a dividing wall in glass, inside the vases? The outer shapes of the vases can be simple and smooth, but inside there is an irregularity and playfulness that makes every single vase a unique individual. It was this notion of a vibrancy and a “structure” within the outer walls of the glass that inspired the Septum vase.