Ascutney Martini
Simon Pearce

Item: 1153
A bold, distinctive classicNamed after Mount Ascutney, southern Vermont’s only monadnock, or lone mountain, our Ascutney Martini glass stands majestically alone. It boasts a quintessential conical bowl of substantial thickness; despite its delicacy, this is a piece meant as much for everyday function as for decorative display. A perfectly proportioned stem reaches down from the bowl to its firm yet graceful foot. Painstakingly crafted by master glassblowers Handblown from superior clear, lead-free glass Boasts unique styling in a classic shape You and your guests will relish each drink served from these refined glasses. The Ascutney Martini glass is ideal for everything from elaborative cocktails to simple nightcaps.
Height 5 1/2"
Width: 4 3/4"
Capacity: 4 oz