Ascutney Tumbler
Simon Pearce

Item: 1200
Mount Ascutney is southern Vermont’s only monadnock, or lone mountain, and the inspiration for our Ascutney Barware. Like its natural namesake, this collection is set apart by its clean, simple lines and majestic curves. In this glass, there are no superfluous extravagances to mar the natural allure of its functional shape. From its wide, flowing rim to its slightly narrower, yet weighty base, the Ascutney Barware is a beguiling rendition of an everyday functional item.From its narrowly flared lip to its sleek, cylindrical body and sturdy, solid base, this glassware epitomizes sophistication. Handblown from clear, lead-free glassCreated by our master glassblowing artisansDistinguished by the trademark Simon Pearce styling in a classic shapeBuild your own custom Ascutney collection by combining complementary pieces Designed for everyday use, the Ascutney Tumbler is ideal for water, iced tea, soda, and juice. If you’re looking for a glass with superior usability in a refined design, you’ve found it here.
Height 6 1/4"
Width: 3 3/8"
Capacity 16 oz