Flex-Core SS Handed Jar Scraper in Charcoal

Item: 81-16576 DISC

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Length: 13.25"
Width: 1.5"
Height: 1.38"
Materials: Silicone, Nylon, Stainless Steel

Care: Dishwasher safe.
Tovolo's Flex-Core Stainless Steel Handled Jar Scrapers have an ergonomically shaped handle allowing for a comfortable grip and the built-in shoulder of this allows it to get under the lip on any jar with ease. The long, narrow head fits perfectly into small spaces and can easily reach into jars to scrape out every last bit. The completely smooth surface and flat back allows for even, easy spreading while the front side is curved for easy scooping. These sleek, stylish stainless steel handled jar scrapers will look amazing in any kitchen, match any decor and are dishwasher safe.