Jelly Roll Nonstick Cooling Rack and Pan Set

Item: 1605CR-6

Estimated ship date for backordered item(s): 2 - 3 weeks

Jelly Roll Pan: 14.25" Length x 9.25" Width x 1" Height
Jelly Roll Bakeable Cooling Rack: 13.75" Length x 8.5" Width x 0.5" Height
Bakeable cooling rack is oven-safe and dishwasher safe, but hand-washing is recommended.
Jelly Roll Pan (excluding cooling rack) has a unique fluted design that faciliates air circulation and maximizes pan strength to help resist warping.
Made with the same standard high-performance features used for bakeware used in commercial bakeries.
All items in this bakeware set have a nonstick coating for easy release and quick clean-up.
Cooling rack features a steel cross wire design and 6 raised feet
The Nonstick Jelly Roll Cooling Rack fits seamlessly inside the Nonstick Jelly Roll Pan and provides home bakers with an easy way to add the perfect glaze or finish to your homemade baked goods. Simply place your oven safe cooling rack in the pan, add your items on top of the cooling rack, and you are ready to start baking like a professional. The cooling rack is easy to use and features a steel cross wire design and 6 raised feet, which elevate your cookies, breads, cakes, and scones into a raised position.