Sabre Paris Djembe

Add a worldly feel to your place settings with Sabre Paris Djembe flatware from Didriks. Inspired by the African drum of the same name, this flatware collection features handles that are broader across the middle and gently tapered at the top and bottom. In addition, the handle colors have been selected to resemble natural materials with rich, warm shades. This line of flatware features beautiful influences from African natural history with the simple and clean lines of classic utensils. Each Sabre Djembe piece is highly corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe. Learn more about the style options and practical features of Sabre Paris Djembe flatware.

Inspired by Nature
The evocative tones of Africa’s natural landscape are perfectly reflected in the handle colors and materials used in this flatware collection. Choose the look of natural wood, complete with visible grain on each handle. For a darker tone, choose Sabre Paris Djembe flatware in tortoise with a mix of moody browns and tans. The flatware set and individual servers can also be ordered in horn or ivory colors. Find the handle color that best complements your dinnerware to create inviting place settings for your dinner table.

Made to Last
While Sabre Paris Djembe flatware is undeniably stylish in appearance, it also features high-quality materials that are especially durable and practical for the home. Each piece is made with 18/10 stainless steel and acrylic, ensuring that your flatware remains highly corrosion resistant even with years of use. Clean is a breeze as well since this collection is also dishwasher safe. And besides traditional place settings, you can get all kinds of other handy utensils and servers in a matching style, including cake forks, pie servers, ladles, dessert spoons and more. Choose Sabre Paris flatware and serving utensils to bring natural beauty to every meal.