Sabre Paris Pop Unis

The Sabre Paris Pop Unis Collection colors any table with happiness. Browse this collection of modern stainless steel flatware, cutlery and serving pieces for the hues that brighten your day and suit your contemporary sensibilities.

The Sabre Paris Brand
The Sabre Paris brand was named for the light, flexible sword with rules of engagement that are freer than those for epee or foil. Launched in 1993 by Francis and Pascale Geld, Sabre Paris embraces those qualities of its eponymous blade by infusing collections of flatware and serving utensils with whimsy and lighthearted elegance. Designed for both everyday meals and special occasion gatherings, Sabre Paris flatware, cutlery and serving pieces are crafted from enduring materials like stainless steel and color-stable acrylic. Choose Sabre Paris for a fresh take on contemporary charm that’s built to last for generations.

The Sabre Paris Basic Collection
Go beyond the fundamentals of tableware with the Sabre Paris Basic Collection. Featuring a wide range of forks, knives and spoons for every course alongside cutlery and serving pieces, this collection is the epitome of simple elegance. Choose from 25 colors for the acrylic handles on these dishwasher safe and corrosion resistant stainless steel pieces. Whether it’s a stately dark gray five-piece set for a romantic dinner, a playful spring green pie server for a family picnic or a rainbow of mixed utensils for everyday use, you’ll love the fresh simplicity of the Sabre Paris Basic Collection. Pair them with white or colorful dinnerware for your own unique look.

The Didriks Shopping Experience
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