Sabre Paris Tortoise

Flashback to the 50's. A little sepia, a little tortoiseshell: a retro table. The Sabre Paris Tortoise Collection delivers a delicious flashback to 1950s style. Shop this selection for flatware and cutlery with an updated take on the classic look that graced tables in the post-war heyday of glamour and gallantry.

Sabre Paris: Light, Flexible and Fun
In fencing, the sabre is considered the most aggressive of the three basic swords, the others being foil and epee. A sabre is light and flexible, allowing the freedom to slash as well as lunge at one’s opponent. The creators of Sabre Paris infuse their products with the same principles, using lightweight materials, flexible applications and freewheeling designs. Flatware and kitchen utensils from this brand elevate any table with classic forms that have been updated with vibrant colors and easy-care modern materials.

The Tortoise Collection: Retro-Modern Appeal
Browse the Sabre Paris Tortoise Collection for cutlery and flatware that brings the 1950s into the modern era. That classic marled brown and black look of tortoiseshell is represented in the well-balanced acrylic handles and stainless-steel elements of these pieces that resist corrosion and stand up to the rigors of a dishwasher. Find specialized knives for butter, cheese or steak alongside five-piece place settings that make a thoughtful wedding or housewarming gifts. A variety of individual forks and spoons are also available.

Didriks: Locally Owned and Globally Flexible
Didriks is an independent, locally owned business that brings a world of possibilities to your home. Shop high-quality international brands like Sabre Paris, Match Pewter and Garnier-Thiebaut without traveling further than your laptop. Whether you’re in search of Simon Pearce wine glasses, Pillivuyt dinnerware or Graf Lantz décor, you’ll find unique selections with free shipping on qualifying orders from Didriks.

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