For over a century, Vitamix has revolutionized healthy eating and food preparation with its powerful and durable blenders. Excellent for smoothies, nut butter, soups, and much more, Vitamix blenders are versatile, and allow for endless choices in deliciously preparing healthy, everyday foods.

Vitamix: A Commitment to Healthy Eating
The founder of the Vitamix brand, nicknamed “Papa Barnard", opened Barnard Sales Co. in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio. Then, he and his family changed to a vegetarian and whole-food diet in response to the chronic illness of a family member, and noticed a stark change in their way of life, realizing the power of whole foods. Renaming the business “Natural Foods Institute" and focusing on healthy eating was the next step for the business, which introduced the Vitamix in 1937. Since that point, Vitamix has continued to pioneer in the blender world along with being an influential voice in the healthy eating revolution. One way that Vitamix displayed its passion for healthy foods was through Ruth Barnard's 500 recipe cookbook which featured wholesome recipes from 1949. Additionally, Vitamix aired the first-ever infomercial in 1949, promoting Vitamix's health benefits and displaying how the blender is used. Reportedly, the company would have to sell 18 blenders to make up for the cost of the advertisement, but on that night alone, sold 400 blenders.

Vitamix continued to be led by the Barnard family until 2022 when Steve Laserson was named CEO. Today, Vitamix blenders are a staple in casual kitchens and restaurants alike, offering a quick, clean, and delicious way to prepare whole foods for a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamix Blenders from Didriks
At Didriks, explore a collection of pulverizing, mixing, pureeing, and smoothing Vitamix blenders for countless applications. Offering the Vitamix A2500 Ascent, A2300 Ascent, and E310 Series, with black, red, white, and slate colors available, there is the right blender for your space, and for your taste buds. In addition, the durability of the Vitamix, stemming from sound design and strong materials, means that your blender will still be chopping for decades on end.

With a Vitamix blender, turn the produce aisle passes into comfort foods, by blending whole foods to create something not only bearable but legitimately delicious. Transform your lifestyle today with a blender from Didriks, and explore other kitchen appliances from Cuisinart and Breville. Or, find the perfect glass for smoothie drinking from superb design brands such as Iittala and La Rochere.