Barlow Tyrie Cushion Fill Options

All of Barlow Tyrie’s cushion fill options are constructed with mold and mildew resistant materials and designed to be used outdoor year round. They are wrapped in Dacron® to provide a crown effect toward the center of the cushion and to ensure a snug fit. Regardless of the fill you choose, we recommend that cushions be covered or stored when not in use as dirt and pollen build-up can mold and stain. Covering and/or storing cushions will add many years to their life. If cushions become wet, place on end in a dry, sunny area and unzip where possible for quickest drying method.


Densified Polyester Fiber: This fill option has the look and feel of medium density foam and will allow any water that may seep through the outer casing to drain. This fill is adequate for normal seasonal residential use; it is not recommended for daily residential use or commercial applications.


Interior Grade Foam: This fill option uses medium density foam encased in a highly water resistant polypropylene ticking (bag). This option gives you the comfort of interior furniture with an extraordinary level of water resistance. This fill is not 100% waterproof so we recommend covering or storing cushions during periods of heavy rain.


EZ-DRI® foam: This premium fill option is made from the highest quality flow-thru foam available and thus gives you a firmer feel, excellent drainage and durability. This fill option is recommended for commercial use.


Slip Over Armchair Cushion (800087), Horizon Armchair Cushion (800008) and Mercury ModularDeep Seating Base/Ottoman (800090), Arm/Back (800091) and Back Pillow (800092), come standard with the wrapped foam option and are not available in standard or EZ-DRI® fills.

Sunbrella RAIN® fabric is warranteed by Glen Raven Mills as "waterproof" however, once a cushion is made and a zipper inserted, moisture can and will enter the cushion.

All Rain® fabric cushions have bottom vents sewed in to allow for trapped moisture to escape, therefore they are not reversible.