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Garnier Thiebaut Cut-To-SIze Tablecloths

Garnier Thiebaut’s Cut-To-Size coated fabric is a game changer for your table, available in custom lengths and coated with acrylic for easy care (Read more about the acrylic coating and how to care for it here ). We hand cut each tablecloth to your desired length, simply measure your table and order by the inch. We have bolts available in both 61 and 71 inch widths. These fabrics come with a raw edge and hemming is unnecessary.

Not sure which size you need? Review our size guide below!

Calculating Fabric Length for Garnier-Thiebaut Cut-to-Size Tablecloths

Step 1: Measure
- Measure your table (Width and Length)

Step 2: Determine drop
- Determine which of our two widths gives you the better drop. Our fabric is 71 inches and 61 inches. We recommend a drop of 8-16 inches, with a shorter drop being more casual and a longer drop being more formal.
- Calculation : (Fabric Width - Width of your Table) / 2 = drop

> Example: (71 inches – 50 inches) / 2 = 10.5 inch drop on both sides

Step 3: Select tablecloth length
- Calculate the length of your tablecloth by adding the drop you calculated in step 2 to the length of your table.
- Calculation: Length of your table + (2 x the drop calculated) = Total Length of Fabric Needed

> Example: 75 inches + (2 x 10.75 inches) = 96.5 Total Inches (It’s ok to round up)

Step 4: Choose a pattern!
*Standard 69” coated rounds are available for most patterns. Smaller custom rounds can be special ordered. Larger custom rounds are not offered by the vendor. Please call 800-833-7505 for information about special orders.