Berti Knives

Coltellerie Berti has a long history of steel, fire, and skilled hands. Using techniques unchanged since the days of its founding in 1895, the Italian artisans at Berti handcraft their knives. A sole artisan crafts each Berti knife from start to finish and initials their work. Learn more about Berti Knives.

Italian-Made Knives by Coltellerie Berti
Coltellerie Berti has a long history of producing artisan-built knives using only a few foundational tools — steel, fire and skilled hands. Employing techniques unchanged since the days of its founding in 1895, Berti’s dedicated artisans handcraft each knife from start to finish, and each one bears the initials of the artisan on the blade once complete. All Berti knives are produced by hand in Berti’s production facility in Tuscany, and each one is a genuine one-of-a-kind. Didriks offers an expansive selection of Berti kitchen knives that are sure to become heirlooms.
Crafted only from the most time-honored and traditional materials, Coltellerie Berti knife handles are forged from hard, enduring and attractive boxwood, bone and ox horn. To ensure the best in hardness, strength and precision while also providing easy care and flexibility, Berti knife blades are constructed from high-carbon stainless steel. Whether an all-purpose chef’s knife or a finer style for delicate applications such as slicing sashimi, these knives prove endlessly practical and favored in busy home and commercial kitchens.

Outfit Your Toolkit with the Best Styles by Berti Knives
See why culinarians adore these Italian kitchen knives with a signature Berti knife from Didriks. This assortment includes premium Italian chef knives by Coltellerie Berti, including the classic Berti chef’s knife as well as Santoku knives that are as versatile as they are sharp. Discover comfortable, exceptionally sharp boning knives, pairing knives, sashimi knives and more to outfit your grade-A culinary toolkit with the best and most reliable tools possible. Explore the complete Coltellerie Berti collection to find a knife made for you.