Place Settings

Place settings are the easiest way to shop for your flatware. Each set has as little as 3 or as many as 6 pieces, to suit whatever you may need. Just grab however many settings you need and you're done! All of Didrik's flatware collections are handpicked with care, with functionality and design in mind.

Complete Your Tablescape with Cutlery Place Settings
Think of flatware as the cherry on top of a gorgeously set table. It brings another layer of elegance that few other components can, helping your tablescape skew casual or formal, relaxed or dressy. At Didriks, you’ll find the perfect flatware place settings for your vision, no matter if you want to upgrade your everyday aesthetic or curate a special occasion table that belongs in a magazine. Shop sets with service for one or a dozen to find the ideal flatware place setting for your next event.

Heirloom quality is a given with many of these legacy makers, and it all comes down to materials. Enduring choices such as stainless steel, pewter, teak and brightly-colored acrylic give these cutlery sets a solid foundation so they can be passed from one generation to the next. Sturdy, reliable and easy to clean, these are modern flatware sets that retain a classic elegance without the fussiness of old-fashioned materials. For the best in durability and versatility, explore an array of attractive stainless-steel place settings in a huge assortment of bold and subdued silhouettes. Order a single set or a full suite to serve your needs.

From Classic to Avant-Garde Flatware Settings
Didriks proudly offers fine-quality cutlery by some of the world’s best makers, including Sabre Paris, Simon Pearce, Eva Solo, Farmhouse Pottery and Match Pewter. Which maker should you choose? If classic cutlery is your preference, behold the understated and elegant stainless-steel options by Alessi, David Mellor, Iittala and others. If it’s personality you seek, don’t shy away from the bold and exciting designs offered by Sabre Paris. Long-lasting and easy to clean, Sabre Paris flatware is known for integrating bright colors and textures into their handles to add a pop of style and fun to the table. There’s truly something for every table here!