Match Pewter

Match Pewter is handmade by artisans in the north of Italy, continuing time-honored traditions that have been passed down through generations of craftspeople. The hallmark of each of these pewter vases, plates, and bowls is the involvement of the hands of skilled craftspeople. Each piece of Match pewter is a testament to the timeless values of craft and authorship that are often overlooked in this modern age of speed and convenience. Each piece of Match Italian pewter is made with an alloy that is food-safe, lead-free, FDA-approved, and easy to care for with little or no effort.

The Old World Charm of Match Pewter
Create a tablescape to remember with effortlessly elegant pieces from Match Pewter. Handmade in Northern Italy, Match Pewter flatware, dishes, and decor are crafted by artisans who have honed their pre-renaissance crafting techniques over a lifetime, ensuring that each piece is a genuine replica of antique pewter plates, made to serve modern sensibilities as a treasured heirloom. The company was founded in 1995 by David Reiss, a designer who is credited with introducing pewter tableware to the American market with his elegant yet versatile designs.

Match Pewter: Silverware's Cousin
Match Pewter is world-renowned for creating time-honored dinnerware, serveware, glassware, flatware, utensils, and accessories that showcase the inherent beauty and Old World charm of this beloved material. Pewter is prized for its exceptional malleability, so many of these creations take on unique shapes or showcase the pewter's intriguing natural texture. Explore the most breathtaking Match Pewter collections at Didriks, from traditional Match Pewter plates to modern desktop décor that brings a classy touch to your workspace. These pieces are all lead-free, food-safe, and FDA-approved. Choose Match Pewter dessert plates, utensils, or dishes as an alternative wedding gift to silverware, which requires special cleaning and care.

Every Dinnerware and Flatware Piece Tells a Story
Pewter utensils and accessories from Match are genuine pewter, meaning they contain 95% of the highest quality tin and are made with zero lead content. To identify Match Pewter products, look for one of two hallmarks or stamps in the metal — either the signature match hallmark (the letter “M") or the number “95," which indicates the tin content. Because each piece of Match Pewter tells its own special story, many are also finished with a stamp indicating the city where it was made as well as a mark of workmanship. For top-quality barware consider Match Pewter's selections of martini glasses or jiggers to bring a touch of sophistication to every time of day. For your home decor or office needs, Match Pewter has options for picture frames or bud vases that will bring quality craftsmanship to every area of the home.

Why Buy Match Pewter from Didriks?
Whether you are intrigued with the Match Pewter Convivio collection, which features dinnerware with classic and striking contrasts between ceramic and pewter materials, or in need of goblets to complete your traditional tablescape, Didriks has got you. Didriks is pleased to offer a broad assortment of hand-selected Match Pewter plates, utensils, and more that make thoughtful gifts and lovely home accents. Browse a wide range of international brands curated for their commitment to quality, comfort, and design.