Schott Zwiesel Glassware

The right glassware brings out the best in wine and spirits alike. Schott Zwiesel offers an appropriate glass for each style of wine — be it a cabernet, a Sauvignon blanc, or a merlot — a broad range of barware, and the technological advantage of their patented Tritan® technology in manufacturing. Schott Zwiesel glass incorporates titanium and zirconium in its formulation to create exceptionally break resistant and etch resistant stemware. Made in Germany.

Fine-Quality Schott Zwiesel Glassware
Producing top-of-class crystal glassware for the world’s finest wineries and restaurants, Schott Zwiesel is known throughout the world for its commitment to improving the quality of upscale drinkware. Based in Zwiesel, Germany, Schott Zwiesel has a century and a half of experience perfecting the art of glassware-making, with striking new designs and cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized the industry. Didriks is pleased to offer an exceptional array of Schott Zwiesel glassware and accessories, from signature wine and cocktail glasses to gorgeous decanters, carafes and more.
What makes Schott Zwiesel glasses unique? It all comes down to the company’s patented TRITAN technology, which preserves classic glass characteristics such as grace and brilliance but adds exceptional durability. TRITAN technology makes these glasses much more break-, chip- and etch-resistant than your typical stemware. Made in Germany, Schott Zwiesel glassware achieves this high level of strength and beauty by incorporating titanium and zirconium in its formulation. Think of Schott Zwiesel stemware as an investment-grade option that you won’t have to replace year after year.

A Wide Range of Schott Zwiesel Glasses
Didriks handpicks a collection of fine-quality Schott Zwiesel wine glasses, cocktail glasses, snifters and more so you find something perfectly tailored to your home bar. Sommeliers across the globe trust Schott Zwiesel glass as the vessel for the finest champagne, burgundy, chardonnay, Bordeaux and beyond. From toasting flutes and martini glasses to water goblets and highballs, Schott Zwiesel makes the best of the best to add to your collection. Whether it’s whiskey, wine or water, sipping it from a Schott Zwiesel glass makes it all the more enjoyable! See the wide variety we offer both in store and online, shop Schott Zwiesel Glassware at Didriks!