La Rochere

La Rochere is the oldest glassworks producer in Europe, with the company dating back more than 500 years to 1475. With high-quality French glassworks, La Rochere has stayed true to its roots–their factory is located in eastern France, right where it all began all those years ago. Certainly, the most prominent collection from La Rochere is the Napoleon Bee collection, starring the famous La Rochere Bee glasses. These French bee glasses, bowls, champagne flutes, and more are famous for the bees imprinted multiple times in each piece. However, not only are these glassworks well-known for their appearance, but also their quality and function, principles central to every La Rochere creation.

La Rochere: The Brand Beyond the Bee
Even though the Bee collection is kind of La Rochere's thing, their products, and process go deeper than the hive. After all, they have had over 500 years to come up with some new ideas! In fact, when designing new products, designers at La Rochere often look back at past products for inspiration, showcasing that the history of the company is in every glass. Another popular collection is the La Rochere Versailles collection, with glassworks representing the breathtaking Palace of Versailles with elegant vessels in stately designs.

La Rochere Glassware
La Rochere's thick glassware products exude France and the fine dining often associated with the country. However, these practical items are also suitable for everyday use, as all La Rochere glassworks offered at Didriks are dishwasher safe, and microwave safe for short periods of time.

La Rochere honors its 500-year history but continues to evolve and design new glassware products for everyday and special-occasion applications, always from their home in France. To complement the classic look of La Rochere, check out other French favorites, including colorful and innovative Garnier-Thiebaut table linens and creative Sabre Paris flatware, giving a distinctively French tablescape that blends European tradition and contemporary style.