Fletchers’ Mill

Discover the epitome of quality and craftsmanship with Fletchers' Mill, a leading kitchen products brand that redefines culinary experiences. Renowned for its range of salt and pepper mills along with rolling pins and other kitchen essentials, Fletchers' Mill stands as a testament to timeless design and superior functionality. Whether you are a casual everyday chef or looking to complete your tablescape with elegant grinders, Fletchers' Mill offers meticulously designed tools to bring out the best of your creations. At Didriks, explore a diverse selection of naturally beautiful Fletchers' Mill products crafted from sustainably-sourced materials, and made in the USA.

Fletchers' Mill since 1971
Over 50 years ago, Fletchers' Mill was founded by brothers Wayne and Earl Fletcher in charming New Vineyard, Maine. Since the company's inception, they have infused the area's rustic nature with traditional woodworking techniques and modern innovation. This approach, embracing heritage and surroundings along with current technology, has led to products that maintain their small-town vibe while emphasizing functionality and durability. Throughout the decades, it has become clear that Fletchers' Mill is the premier choice for cooks who value tradition, precision, and the environment.

Fletchers' Mill Pepper Grinders and more
Fletchers' Mill features an array of kitchen must-haves, each keenly designed to enhance your cooking and dining experience. Among their most sought-after products, the Fletchers' Mill pepper mills and salt grinders stand out as necessities for precise grinding in multiple consistency levels, enhancing the taste of your dishes. Additionally, the brand's rolling pins, made from solid rock maple, are beloved among bakers of all levels for their smooth texture, excellent balance, and easy cleaning. In every product, experience the artistry, ingenuity, and taste of Maine that makes Fletchers' Mill special in the world of kitchenware. At Didriks, iron out your culinary arsenal with kitchen tools from Oxo and Rosle, and superb cookware from Demeyere and Swiss Diamond, along with countless products for dining and outdoor relaxation.