Starting in 1890 with the Opinel No. 8 folding pocket knife designed by Joseph Opinel, the Opinel brand has continued to stay grounded in its history while also innovating for the future. Opinel's most popular knife continues to be the original No. 8, but they also offer other folding knife models as well as kitchen knives and steak knives. Most knives are crafted with a stainless steel blade and a wooden handle, although carbon steel blades are also available. Throughout the over 130 years of Opinel knives, they have continued to be based in France, in close proximity to the Alps. In addition, Opinel has exhibited sustainability efforts, sourcing their wood from local, sustainable forests in the Jura area of eastern France.

The Legacy of the Opinel No. 8 Pocket Knife
After Joseph Opinel built his own camera and became a photographer, he decided to put the tools in his family's workshop to use by making a pocket knife. Despite his father's displeasure with this use of his time, Joseph crafted the No. 8 folding pocket knife in 1890, and the rest is history. In 1985, the Opinel knife was named one of the best-designed products in the world, an honor that was also awarded to Rolex and Porsche for their watch and car designs. The foldable knife is easy to stow in a pocket or backpack and can be used for a variety of handy tasks, from whittling to slicing small fruits.

Opinel knives: from grape-pickers to oyster-shuckers
Along with vegetable knives, steak knives, and pocket knives, Opinel features many other small, paring-sized knives for countless applications. One example is the No. 10 Billhook Folding Knife, which has a curve blade perfect for picking grapes, pruning undergrowth, and other gardening jobs. Another interesting product is the Oyster and Shellfish knife, also a folding knife, which shucks oysters effortlessly and efficiently. Finally, Opinel features a line of kid's items, including aprons, and a Chef's Set of safe kitchen products, including a knife, peeler, and finger guard.

Opinel has continued to focus on what they do best for over a century, making versatile, pocket-sized knives for almost any application. These functional and sharp-looking knives will certainly find a place in your kitchen, garden, or on the table. Match Opinel Steak Knives with Pillivuyt dinnerware or enjoy your well-trimmed garden with traditional durable teak outdoor furniture from Barlow Tyrie. Explore a well-rounded selection of brands from across the globe at Didriks, where beautiful and innovative design meets high-quality materials and effortless function.