Iittala dinnerware

iittala dinnerware embodies the iittala philosophy: Everyday design against throwawayism. The proof of good design is not only to please the eye, but to stand the test of everyday use.

Iittala Dinnerware
Embodying the spirit of contemporary Nordic design, Iittala is held in high regard among designers and design enthusiasts for its fresh take on simple yet stylish dinnerware. Founded in 1881, the company helped forge a distinctive style in the 1930s and ‘40s that contributed to the larger aesthetic style of the period. Thanks to its revolutionary approach to glass, porcelain and other enduring materials, Iittala became a key contributor to now-archetypical mid-century home décor. From its famed vases and iconic glass birds comes plates, bowls and cups with the same artful sensibilities.

Popular Iittala Dinnerware Collections
Some of the most iconic pieces of dinnerware to come from the Iittala factory are still in production today and are available at Didriks. For example, the Teema by Kaj Franck collection, which originally debuted in 1952, remains one of the brand’s bestsellers. The grouping’s pure, simplistic geometric forms in solid colors have inspired many imposters in the industry. The vibrancy of the Iittala Kastehelmi collection makes it equally as iconic. Originally designed by Oiva Toikka in 1964 and relaunched in 2010, the Kastehelmi set features delicate bubbles in gorgeously-colored glass to splash brightness and texture across the table.

No matter which collection of Iittala dishes you select, you can trust that you’re making a sound investment. These pieces are constructed from fine-quality, enduring materials that keep them in service for years. Many pieces are crafted from innovative vitro porcelain, which is a modern porcelain that brings exceptional durability coupled with a truly seasonless beauty. Practical and easy to integrate into your daily life, Iittala china is safe for use in the oven, microwave and freezer. Didriks is pleased to offer all the finest collections of Iittala plates, bowls, cups and more to suit your needs.

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71 Items