Dinnerware is our specialty, our grounding in providing the essentials (as well as the extravagances) of beautifully set tables. Consider bringing the earthiness of Farmhouse Pottery, the modern design of Eva Solo, the casual elegance of Match Pewter Convivio, the classic French porcelain of and Pillivuyt, the earthenware folkiness of Simon Pearce, or the chic double glazes of Jars Ceramics to your table.

Inspired Dinnerware Sets and Daily-Use Staples
Every discerning chef or host should have a collection of pretty, practical dinnerware with which to set the table. Didriks is here to help you design your dream tablescape with the finest dinnerware crafted by time-honored makers in France, Italy, Finland, America and beyond. Whether you’re looking to round out a partial dinnerware set or to find a gift your recipient will cherish for a lifetime, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this selection from Didriks.

A well-set table starts with the plate. Shop Didriks for elegant dinner plates that you can mix and match or coordinate for a stunning, magazine-worthy table display. If you prefer the formal aesthetic or want to recreate the feeling of your favorite five-star bistro, complete the look with dessert and salad plates and bread and canape plates. Bring dimension, style and a layer of sophistication with dinnerware chargers that add something extra-special to the dining room display. Everything you need to create a formal dining atmosphere or a relaxed weeknight feel is included in this array of dinnerware from Didriks.

A Set for All Styles
Regardless of your personal style, material of choice or preferred maker, there’s something to suit your vision here. Opt for a true classic, such as pristine white porcelain or ceramic dinnerware by Pillivuyt, Jars Ceramics or Alessi or go for a colorful elegance with glass dinnerware from Iittala or Kosta Boda. Whether you favor things sleek, simple, contemporary, splashy or farmhouse-inspired, there’s a piece for your table here at Didriks. Be sure to explore the finest options by dinnerware mainstays such as La Rochere, Farmhouse Pottery, Emile Henry, Royal Copenhagen, Match Pewter and more in this spectacular assortment.