Chilewich Placemats

Chilewich placemats have been elevating tables all over the world for decades. Available in a range of bold and subtle designs, Chilewich table mats and placemats add instant texture and color to any table setting. From the classic Basketweave and Mini Basketweave collections to the shimmering Current collection, Chilewich placemats are a staple of the modern tabletop. They’re made in the U.S. with TerraStrand® and Microban® for an elegant and sophisticated choice that’s also durable and easy to clean. Layer your table with the everyday luxury of Chilewich placemats from Didriks.

Chilewich Placemats and Table Mats
Known throughout the world for its fresh take on everyday table dressings, Chilewich brings a layer of true warmth, endless style and fresh functionality to any dining space. The company was founded in 2000 when designer Sandy Chilewich debuted her signature textiles. Chilewich table mats and placemats fuse a warm feel and aesthetic charm with lasting durability for busy households. Pair them with Alessi Italian dinnerware for everyday luxury, Match Pewter flatware for stately elegance or Royal Copenhagen coffee and tea sets for a cultivated refinement. Chilewich is perhaps best-known for their crisply woven placemats that effortlessly elevate the table setting for any occasion. Didriks is pleased to offer the best hand-curated assortment of Chilewich placemats anywhere.

What Makes Chilewich Special?
There’s no mistaking the hallmark woven style of signature pieces from Chilewich collections. These unique table dressings are often crafted from bi-color yarns — each strain containing two different colors — to create a depth of dimension that’s unmistakably Chilewich. An array of weaving styles and techniques are employed to create modern placemats in a range of stylish yet timeless designs. These table mats come in a broad assortment of colors, shapes and sizes to suit your home décor style, no matter if it skews contemporary or more traditional. Chilewich table mats are beloved among discerning and practical homeowners for many reasons, chief among them the fact that they’re amazingly easy to clean. Simply wipe down these durable placemats with soap and water and allow them to air dry.
The iconic fabrics woven into Chilewich placemats are forged from manufacturing techniques that were once underutilized and overlooked, resulting in attractive and durable designs you won’t find from other brand names. Some Chilewich products are crafted using a unique vinyl molding technique and feature strong backings, so you can be sure they will endure for many meals. Each placemat is designed in the New York City Chilewich studio and then crafted from long-lasting, eco-friendly materials, such as sustainable bamboo and extruded vinyl.