When Lafco was founded in 1992 by Jon Bresler in New York, he strived to incorporate artistry, integrity, and luxury into fragranced products in the United States. More than 3o years later, Lafco has stood by that philosophy, using sustainable materials and creative designs and fragrances to revolutionize a luxury lifestyle. Through their scented candles, offered in a variety of fragrances, Lafco has displayed what hand-craftsmanship and pure ingredients can do to change the mood in a room.

Lafco Candles
The definitive scent of a soy-based Lafco candle can transform the room that it is in, but the effect is dependent on the scent itself. Some popular fragrances offered by Lafco include the wildly popular, strongly woody Feu De Bois, the mildly sweet-smelling Champagne candle, the cinnamon-esque Spiced Pomander, and the grassy Retreat candle. Each of these scents elevates the senses and induces meditative and reinvigorating properties to give you a new perspective on your day. To add a visual decor element, Lafco candles are encased in a hand-blown glass vessel, always colored depending on the scent of the candle, and perfect for finishing your favorite tablescape.

Lafco Home Accessories
In addition to their hallmark candles, Lafco also offers other products to aid your candle game, including diffusers, soaps, and matches.

When Jon Bresler was in the early days of his fragrance learning, he spent extensive time in Italy learning from experts about time-honored methods of creating scents. Today with Lafco, those methods continue to be utilized, along with state-of-the-art technology, leading to a sustainable and functional candle. To complete a tablescape to elevate the senses, combine Lafco candles with Iittala glassware design products and Alessi tabletop accessories, bringing an element of creativity and excitement to the table.