Jars Collections

Made in France since 1857, Jars’ high quality ceramic tableware features stunning glazes in a rainbow of colors. Designed with a spirit of ingenuity and experimentation, we love their broad range of contemporary tableware for its organic warmth and originality.

Jars Ceramics France Collections
Discover the most noteworthy and inspiring collections by Jars Ceramics France (Jars Ceramistes) right here at Didriks. Founded in 1857 by Pierre Jars, Jars Ceramics creates a broad range of colorful, glazed stoneware designed to bring high style and premium quality to everyday dining and entertaining. Warmth and originality are hallmarks of each and every Jars collection, but these groupings span the spectrum from whimsical and artful to chic and stylish, which is why they’re found in some of the finest Michelin-starred establishments throughout the world.

Tourron and Beyond
This fourth-generation French mainstay offers many desirable collections that help contribute to your unique aesthetic style. In fact, one of the most popular Jars collections — the Tourron collection — comes in two distinct families, Traditional and Natural. The former offers pieces that are fully glazed, and the latter offers undersides that are unglazed and more natural in design. These collections have been Jars signatures for several decades and are still among the most popular of their offerings, contributing to the company’s signature modern yet rustic appeal.

Whether you adore the simple designs that put the art of ceramics on full display or colorful, artful pieces that splash big personality and charm across the table, there’s a Jars collection at Didriks that suits your personal sense of style. What’s more, each collection is designed for complete versatility and practicality. Regardless of which Jars collection you choose, you can count on options that integrate with ease into your daily lifestyle, as these pieces are safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer and microwave. They all embody the sophisticated glaze work and artisan crafting techniques that have become so iconic to Jars Ceramics.

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