Espresso Mugs + Saucers

Do as the Italians do and enjoy your espresso in a sophisticated mini mug (mini saucer also preferred) - it just tastes better that way! All of Didrik's dinnerware collections are handpicked with care, with functionality and design in mind. The espresso cups and saucer sets collection at Didriks brings big style to every sip. Browse our collection for sophisticated espresso mugs from the international brands that understand how important a coffee ritual is for caffeinating your day, clarifying your mind and connecting with a global community.

The International Espresso Mug Store
Espresso is the international word for strong, dark coffee. The process of pressing boiled water through very fine coffee grounds to create this ebony elixir originated in Italy then spread to France and the rest of Europe. It makes sense, then, that Italian and French brands offer a wide range of espresso cups and saucer sets. Browse our collection for truly authentic selections from Italian brand Alessi, as well as contemporary cosmopolitan espresso mug designs from Kosta Boda. Also find sophisticated options from Danish brand Eva Solo and Finnish brand Iittala in our collection.

Sophisticated Espresso Cup Sets
Elevate your brew with espresso cups and saucer sets that evoke an afternoon on the Champs-Elysees. The espresso mugs and saucers from Pillivuyt in our collection feature quintessential French elements, like pleated porcelain, verbiage from a brasserie menu and images of the Eiffel Tower. Offerings from Match Pewter combine porcelain and metal for superior heat retention, and some of their espresso cup sets include a traditional metal spoon. Also browse sleek modern espresso mugs from Eva Solo, floral pieces from Royal Copenhagen and gift-ready espresso cup sets from Kosta Boda.

The Global Reach of a Local Business
Didriks is proud to be a locally owned and independent business in Massachusetts. From the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, our inventory reaches around the globe to deliver the highest quality and most innovative designs right to your door. Whether you’re looking for unique gift ideas or singular pieces to elevate your everyday life, you’ll find it among our collections of tableware, linens, furniture and décor. All qualifying orders ship free, and our friendly customer support team is ready to answer all your questions. Didriks brings a world of possibilities to your home.