Umbrosa, with headquarters in Belgium, offers a thoughtful collection of classy and flexible shade solutions: Paraflex, Ingenua, Icarus, Spectra, Infina and UX collection. Each of them ensures protection from the sun in an easy and stylish way. The unique shade solutions are a clear statement of both elegance and understated simplicity fused with a dynamic mechanism of ergonomics that puts 'easy to use' to a higher dimension. Umbrosa works alongside the best international designers and produces their products exclusively in Belgium. All parts are made of durable anodized aluminium, UV-resistant materials and beautiful, high-quality fabrics.. All of this ensures 'Umbrosa for Life' — long lasting shade, year after year. Umbrosa is the specialist in state-of-art umbrellas for both residential and commercial applications at an affordable price. The team of designers pays special attention to the unique character of nature and the daring creativity of each design.