Garnier Thiebaut Cut-To-Size Coated Tablecloths

Garnier-Thiebaut's coated cotton damask is an innovative textile most commonly used for tablecloths. This easy-care textile features a stain and water resistant acrylic coating on the surface and a standard stain repellant on the reverse side. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the fabric is woven with 100% two-ply twisted cotton for superior quality. Acrylic Coated cotton is available by the inch as well as in tablecloths, placemats, and aprons. Made in France. CLICK HERE to learn more and how to measure your table!

Garnier-Thiebaut Cut-to-Size Tablecloths
Founded in 1833 by French linen merchants Virginie Thiebaut and Jean-Baptiste Garnier, Garnier-Thiebaut has a well-established reputation for creating luxurious yet practical textiles from Europe’s design center of Gerardmer, France. With nearly 200 years of experience crafting long-lasting and attractive textiles, it’s no surprise that Garnier-Thiebaut are still favored among high-taste homeowners and restauranteurs around the world. Create a custom tablecloth for your space with Garnier-Thiebaut cut-to-size options from Didriks.

In this collection, you’ll discover an assortment of stylish Garnier-Thiebaut tablecloths that can be cut to your unique specifications. Explore the brand’s high-quality coated tablecloth fabric — an acrylic-coated cotton made with 100% two-ply twisted cotton — sold by the inch to suit your particular needs, whether it’s for a standard-sized table or something custom-made. They are conveniently hand-cut to your size at one of two Didriks retail stores in Massachusetts. Many styles are also available in pre-cut options.

Garnier-Thiebaut Coated Tablecloths
The Garnier-Thiebaut coated tablecloth fabric is a truly innovative textile that is suitable for many environments and applications. This easy-care fabric features a stain- and water-resistant acrylic coating on the surface with a standard stain-repellant on the reverse side, which makes it suitable for both outdoor dining spaces and busy dining rooms alike.

Durable and attractive, you’re sure to discover a coated-cotton tablecloth from Garnier-Thiebaut to suit your style at Didriks. A fresh collection of solid tablecloths is designed to integrate with ease into your special occasion or daily-use table setting, while attractive fabrics lay the foundation for a big pop of style. Whether you’re seeking something boldly festive or supremely seasonless, Garnier-Thiebaut tablecloths from Didriks never disappoint. All Garnier-Thiebaut products are made in France.

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96 Items