Jonathan’s Spoons

Jonathan's Spoons, designing and creating wooden spoons for upwards of 40 years, offers wild cherry spoons that are hand-crafted in Pennsylvania with their purpose in the kitchen in mind. In many ways, Jonathan's Spoons is a result of perseverance, hardship, and circumstance, and the emotions that have resulted from obstacles along the way result in the love and care put into each piece. While Jonathan's Spoons started out as just a spoon business, the “spoons" have extended into other kitchen utensil realms, such as tongs, ladles, and spatulas. While known for their variety of spoons, the Jonathan's Spoons Spootle stands out, as a spoon that can also be used as a spatula, which is excellent in a variety of situations, from cooking pasta to sauteeing vegetables.

Jonathan's Wild Cherry Spoons Perseverance, Adversity, and Circumstance
The founder of Jonathan's Spoons, Jonathan Simons, had an apprenticeship at a woodworking shop when one day he forgot to bring a spoon for his lunch. Instead of eating with his fingers, he decided to make a spoon. While nothing initially came from the experience, when Simons was left without a job in 1978 and woodworking in his sub-zero garage in Maine, he picked up spoon-making again. Once he regained financial footing, Simons moved back to his native Pennsylvania and made Jonathan's Spoons a reality. However, adversity and perseverance weren't over for Jonathan's Spoons. In November 2022, Simons' wife passed away, and Jonathan's Spoons workshop burned down in a matter of a week. Despite much being lost, Jonathan Simons and the team at Jonathan's Spoons continue to rebound, continuing to put care and precision into every spoon.

Jonathan's Spoons' Lazy Spoon and Other Kitchen Accessories
Jonathan's Spoons' Lazy Spoons give an innovative twist to the beauty and functionality of Jonathan's spoons. The Lazy Spoon has a hook in the middle section of the spoon that allows for the spoon to hang on the side of the pan, ready to stir when you are. This product, along with all of the other spoons and kitchen utensils from Jonathan's Spoons, is made with the human hand with care and precision, from fine cherry wood. To finish your traditional kitchen and dining aesthetic, consider the versatile Staub Cocotte and timeless Jars Ceramics dinnerware. Find these collections along with other kitchen and homeware essentials at Didriks!