Furniture Care Products

Clean up your outdoor furniture with high-quality care and maintenance products that treat and protect teak, aluminum, stainless steel and fabric at Didriks.

Patio Furniture Cleaning and Maintenance Products
Properly caring for your patio furniture can add years to its life. Specialty materials such as teak, stainless steel, aluminum and resin wicker are unique in that they endure in the outdoors better than virtually all others, but they still need routine cleaning and the occasional maintenance to thrive. Discover the care and maintenance products you need to keep your furniture in tip-top shape, whether the goal is to clean and refresh or to revitalize and restore.

Top-Quality Teak Care Products
Seeking teak oil, teak cleaner or other maintenance products for your teak patio furniture? Use only the finest products by well-regarded brands such as Barlow Tyrie and more. Although it is one of the most weather-resistant hardwoods, teak does need a bit of occasional care. Over time, untreated teak wood weathers from an elegant golden hue to a silver-gray, which many people enjoy or even prefer. However, if you would like to prevent this from happening, you may want to invest in teak color guard products to preserve the wood’s golden color. Teak oil may also be used sparingly to help retain and revitalize color, but repeated use is not recommended because it can cause the wood to darken permanently.

Care Products for Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Fabric
You’ll also discover patio furniture cleaners and care products for stainless steel, aluminum, fabric and woven furniture in this selection. It’s important that you use properly formulated cleaners that are safe for your chosen material, as the wrong cleaners and solutions could damage or remove the finish. Many of these patio furniture cleaning products also come with a cleaning pad that’s safe for use on the recommended material. For the best in gentle but thorough cleaning, choose these top-rated goods.