Bite into an entrée, dessert, salad, lobster tail and more with the correct type of fork from Didriks in an array of modern styles with free shipping available. The fork collection at Didriks brings international design to your place settings. Browse our collection for stainless steel and silver plate selections from the brand names you love that fork over fine style and everyday elegance.

Classic Handmade Silverware
Take pride in an invitingly set table that features forks handcrafted by one of Britain’s most well-known designers. David Mellor brings traditional Sheffield craftsmanship together with an eye for ergonomic design to create handmade silverware that transcends the trends. Browse his Pride Collection for genuine silver-plated forks with a mirror finish that adds elegance to every course, from salad to fish to dessert. Also shop stately options from Match Pewter for the luxurious luster of mixed metals and timeless style.

Forks for an Understated Table
Whether you’re gathering with family and friends for a holiday celebration or simply having a casual intimate dinner, forks from the Alessi brand bring understated style to the table. Find options for carving, serving and feasting on anything from hors d’oeuvres to shellfish to pastries from this Italian brand. You can also browse contemporary forks from Iittala alongside steel and brass fork sets from Berti Knives and more in our collection.

Seriously Playful Style
Sabre Paris is named for a light, flexible fencing blade, and this brand knows how to infuse that flexibility into fun flatware. Choose forks from Sabre’s Daisy Collection for a playful mix of sturdy stainless-steel tines and colorful acrylic handles that add levity to casual meals. Other Sabre Paris forks feature teak or bamboo accents, lustrous jewel tones, rich tortoise details and the look of exotic wood.

Global Shopping Made Easy
Find all the international brands you love in one convenient place. Didriks makes global shopping easy with a wide inventory of curated brand names that deliver the highest quality and most unique products for every room of your home. If you’re looking to gift handmade silverware to newlyweds or elevate your own home with Belgian linens and Danish furniture, you’ll find a world of possibilities at Didriks.