Panier Des Sens

Drawing from natural scents and their Mediterranean ties, Panier Des Sens strives to create ethical fragrances that evoke meaning into everyday happenings. Based in Marseille, in the south of France, Panier Des Sens uses naturally sourced and traceable materials in their fine soaps and hand creams.

Panier Des Sens Sustainability and Accountability
Since 2001, Panier Des Sens and founder Jérôme Lambruschini have ensured the quality and grandeur of their environmentally conscious products. In addition to being eco-friendly, Panier Des Sens also works together with French vocational rehabilitation centers to give people with disabilities fulfilling work to do in a protected environment and fosters biodiversity at their home in Provence, France. Additionally, whenever possible, Panier Des Sens uses substances sourced from Provence, seeking partnerships that support the quality of their products as well as their sustainability efforts.

Panier Des Sens Soaps and Lotions at Didriks
At Didriks, explore an extensive collection of Panier Des Sens bar soaps, liquid soaps, and hand lotions. Offering fragrances such as soothing Orange Blossom, Rejuvenating Rose, and Rose Geranium, we are proud to offer the scent for every occasion. Or, if you are just running low on your Panier Des Sens liquid hand soap, an eco-refill is right for you! Instead of purchasing a new canister, just purchase the soap in a separate vessel that contains 65% less plastic.

Whether an established fragrance connoisseur or just in need of a bar of soap, you can wash or moisturize your hands with peace of mind and a whiff of France with Panier Des Sens hand creams and hand soaps! Highlight the French influence on your home with Panier Des Sens and other established French mainstays at Didriks, from timeless Pillivuyt dinnerware and bakeware to poppy Sabre Paris flatware.