Orrefors Vases

Orrefors Glassworks has stood a hundred years on two pillars: beautiful clear crystal and evolutionary design. Despite challenging technology, generations of skilled glass blowers and designers have repeatedly surprised us with innovative crystal creations. And they continue to surprise us!

Make a Splash with Orrefors Glass Vases
In no other object is the handiwork of legendary glassmaker Orrefors so boldly on display. Orrefors vases are genuine works of art and collectors’ favorites, and it’s not hard to see why. Their approach to glassware design is second to none, as they created advancements such as the Ariel technique, which was devised in 1945 to create a colorful, unique visual effect. In fact, an original Orrefors Ariel vase from 1945 was appraised for between $35,000 and $45,000 on a 2014 episode of Antiques Roadshow!

Founded in 1898 in the Swedish village of the same name, Orrefors has had over a century to perfect their take on functional art glass. The company’s unique approach to vase design is carried out through elegant yet eye-catching silhouettes and multidimensional glasswork that brings texture and depth to each piece. Each Orrefors vase is crafted from the finest art glass and crystal glass available, ensuring that it is a bona-fide work of art with heirloom potential. The most trusted techniques are employed in the making of each Orrefors glass vase, and no fewer than 15 different people help to craft it.

Vases for Every Style and Preference
From classic to contemporary, Orrefors’ glass artists produce a spectrum of enchanting vases that will perfectly showcase pretty flower arrangements or stand as works of art on their own. Explore rectangular, circular and heart-shaped vases from Orrefors to suit your sense of style. Sizes range from petite options for a little something to large vases that make a big impact. Regardless of which style you choose, you can trust that each Orrefors vase from Didriks will suit your quality expectations. For more from this internationally beloved art glass maker, be sure to browse the complete Orrefors collection.

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