Set of 6 Plenum Steak Knives

Berti Knives
Item: Plenum Steak Knife Set of 6
$1,208.00 to $1,338.00

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  • Pieces in box: 6
  • Total Length: 9.1" / 23.1 cm
  • Blade Length: 4.3" / 10.9 cm
The Berti Plenum steak knife is shaped like a straight paring knife with a bolster for better control while cutting. The handle widens away from the blade for more control under the palm.

Berti Plenum steak knives come in full or anchor tang. Full tang means that the blade is anchored to a handle made of two halves (available in black, white or red Lucite). Anchor tang means the blade is anchored inside a whole handle (of wood or ox horn).