Pillivuyt Bakeware

Pillivuyt porcelain offers excellent heat retention to keep food warm at the table. All Pillivuyt items are created with a perfectly uniform thickness for exceptionally even and efficient heat conduction.

Enjoy Oven to Table Perfection with Pillivuyt Bakeware
Pillivuyt offers an extensive array of versatile bakeware that transitions with ease from oven to table. Founded in 1818 in central France by Louis Charles Pillivuyt, whose goal was to create the finest culinary porcelain available, Pillivuyt Porcelain of France has over two centuries of experience crafting the art of premium porcelain bakeware. Straightforward enough for weeknight dinners yet pretty enough to become heirlooms, Pillivuyt pieces tend to become uncontested favorites among dedicated home chefs. Shop Didriks for the finest Pillivuyt bakers, roasters, casseroles, ramekins, pie dishes, gratin dishes and much more.

The Benefits of Pillivuyt Porcelain Bakeware and Dinnerware
Excellence is a guarantee with this French mainstay. Pillivuyt porcelain bakeware, dinnerware and serving ware provides superior heat retention to keep food warm as it moves from oven to table, and its impenetrable glaze will not scratch or stain, ensuring that your collection gets passed down to the next generation of inspired chefs. It’s fired at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it non-porous so it’s safe for high heat and easy to clean. On top of that, each Pillivuyt baking dish is lead- and cadmium-free and guaranteed 100% food-safe. Naturally, Pillivuyt bakeware is oven-safe, and it can be taken to 550 degrees for all your high-heat creations. With items from a multitude of collections, Pillivuyt Bakeware is sure to have a beautiful selection for anything from a tasty pastry creation to a hearty casserole dish.

Pillivuyt does not disappoint when it comes to design, either. Their classic, bistro-inspired white porcelain aesthetic is emblematic of French servingware. Modern silhouettes and simple yet elegant detailing help ensure that each Pillivuyt piece makes a sophisticated splash on the table. At the same time, thanks to its relative simplicity, this bakeware is remarkably easy to integrate into any table setting. Whether it’s a square soufflé dish or one of the iconic Pillivuyt ramekins, you’ll discover Pillivuyt bakeware at Didriks that suits your unique vision. Consider elegant and functional Toulouse Rectangle Bakers or Brasserie Ramekins to fulfill your kitchen and design needs. Discover Pillivuyt bakeware at Didriks, shop online and in store!