Pillivuyt Sancerre

The Pillivuyt Sancerre Collection defines classic and refined design. It is ideal for everyday use and special occasions. Designed for prep, storage, cooking, and dining, Sancerre has excellent heat retention and is finished with an impenetrable glaze that resists chipping, scratching, and is easy to clean. Every piece is microwave safe, oven safe, and freezer safe. Free of both lead and cadmium. Let your carefully crafted meals take center stage with this simple and sophisticated Pillivuyt Sancerre dinnerware as the backdrop. When you shop at Didriks, you’ll discover a stunning selection of pieces for prep, storage, cooking and dining featuring this classic, refined design. The crisp white color allows every food on your plate to pop, providing a great way to showcase your homemade meals. In addition, the quality craftsmanship ensures that your dishes will hold up well for years to come. Learn more about the unique features of the Pillivuyt Sancerre collection.

Timeless Design
Worried about the dinnerware you select going out of style? That will never be a concern when you choose the Pillivuyt Sancerre collection. With its classic white color and simple, streamlined shapes, this is perhaps one of the most timeless dinnerware designs available. There’s an ageless quality about these pieces that makes it possible to imagine them on any dinner table throughout modern history. In that same sense, they’ll continue to look classic for many years to come, and they are versatile enough to look right at home for simple family meals and fancy gatherings alike. The neutral tone is also a great choice because it complements any dinner table, flatware and surrounding décor you already have in your home.

Exceptionally Durable Dinnerware
It’s undeniable that Pillivuyt Sancerre dinnerware and servingware features a timeless design. But part of what makes these pieces continue to look so ageless throughout the years is the exceptional quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Like all Pillivuyt dinnerware, this collection is made with beautiful French porcelain featuring excellent heat retention. Because each piece is finished with an impenetrable glaze, they are extremely resistant to chipping and scratching and are safe to use in the microwave, oven and freezer. Clean up is easy as well, allowing you to maintain that fresh white porcelain color for years. Browse the full Pillivuyt Sancerre collection to discover durable dishes for your home.

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