Breeze Lounge Chair in White Grey

Item: 5468LW
The elegant low inviting lounge chair is built up over a classic wire frame, and it is precisely the bent legs of the chair that provide the design with the unique lightness and elegance. The lounge chair is extremely comfortable. The high quality of the materials used means that the Breeze lounge chair can be left outside in all types of weather and environments, and still remain with low maintenance.

*Does not include cushion, sold separately.
Width: 87 cm | 34.3 inches
Length: 72 cm | 28.4 inches
Height: 73 cm | 28.8 inches
Seat height: 38 cm | 15 inches
Seat Length: 50.8 cm | 20 inches
Armrest height: 53 cm | 20.8 inches
Weight: 7.7 kg | 16.98 lbs