Provencal Chopping Knife

David Mellor
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10.4" Length x 1.5" Width
Blade Length: 5.5"
Materials: Martensitic steel, acetal resin
Corin Mellor's latest range of kitchen knives is a new interpretation of the traditional fully forged professional chef's knife, appealing to those who take good cooking seriously. The stainless steel tang running right through the handle and the large stainless rivets give these knives their special visual quality.
These knives exploit the latest techniques in manufacturing. The high carbon stainless steel blades are hot drop forged and then ice hardened to minus 80ºc, producing an exceptionally sharp, hard and durable blade. Blades are then taper ground. Handles are acetal resin. These knives are not only technically excellent, they are especially well balanced and comfortable in the hand. Part of the David Mellor Provencal collection.