Mille Esprit Jardin Solaire Coated Placemat

Garnier Thiebaut
Item: 45849

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16" Length x 20" Width
Material: 100% Cotton
Coated Cotton: This easy care coated fabric has 2 layers of ecological acrylic coating, making it spill proof and stain resistant. Easily wipe clean with a sponge. Perfect for the kitchen and outdoor use.
For Everyday Use:
Simply wipe off with damp sponge and some warm water (no rubbing, no scratching).
Do not use dish soap or any cleaning product.

Machine-wash on warm temperature on delicate cycle with a little detergent. No fabric softener.
Hang dry only.
Iron on high setting (back side only). Be sure not to iron the hems.
Note: This pattern is an allover design, and the fabric is cut randomly within the cloth to make this product. You may receive a different cut of the pattern from one piece to another, and the product may look differently than the picture.
French placemat in marvelous yellow tones. Ideal to elevate the warm energy in the room with its Spring design. Subtle leaves from European Ash trees counterpart the greenery feel, and since it is designed in such noble colors it will match with rooms in blue, white, or pink. They are a classy look constantly featured in the most exclusive and sophisticated magazines in the world.