Mille Wax Créole Coated Tablecloth 69 x 98
Garnier Thiebaut

Item: 18068

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69" x 98"

Wipe with a non-abrasive sponge with hot water. Do not rub hard or scratch. In case of deep stains, clean immediately with hot water. Do not use detergent or fabric softener. Sparingly use washing machine if needed ( 30å¡C / 86å¡F ) but do not spin dry. Air dry only. Iron on high setting on the reverse side only, this will re-activate the anti-stain coating.
Mille Wax is a bold, colorful grid design, perfect for a modern table and one of Garnier-Thiebaut's most popular designs. It's made of 100% two-ply twisted cotton, mercerized for softness and durability, and made in France.
Garnier-Thiebaut tablecloths bring a world of difference to the table. Browse this collection for beautifully designed, eco-friendly options that elevate formal and casual meals.
Acrylic Coated vs. Green Sweet Coated Tablecloths
Find high-quality tablecloths from this brand that feature cutting-edge treatments aimed at preserving them as family heirlooms. Choose between acrylic coated and Green Sweet coated options that are water and stain resistant while remaining stylish. Cotton tablecloths treated with an acrylic coating are great for casual everyday use and offer traditional repeating patterns to complement any décor. The large, eye-catching designs of Green Sweet coated tablecloths have a more formal appearance.
The Sustainable Luxury of Garnier-Thiebaut
For more than 185 years, Garnier-Thiebaut has been a staple of the international textiles industry. The brand creates innovative designs for tablecloths and other home linens while putting just as much effort into sustainable manufacturing practices. With an onsite wastewater treatment facility, water turbines to create its own electricity and offices heated by the warmth from its weaving machines, Garnier-Thiebaut’s facility in the Vosges region of France is a model of commitment to both preserving the environment and delivering everyday luxury.