Ultima Thule Cordial Glasses, Set of 2

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Diameter: 1.9" / 4.8 cm
Height: 2.25" / 5.7 cm
Capacity: 1.6 oz / 5 cl
Material: Glass
Color: Clear
Dishwasher safe
Manufactured at Iittala glass factory

Designer: Tapio Wirkkala
Tapio Wirkkala’s world famous glass designs were inspired by the raw beauty of his native Finland. Determined to recreate a beloved ice-covered Finnish island, Wirkkala spent nearly a thousand hours with the glassblowers at the Iittala Glass Factory, defying the rules of glassblowing. Ultima Thule’s groundbreaking design features a rounded base supported by three ice peaks that float above the surface, bringing a slice of Nordic nature to any interior.