Jars : Jardin De Maguelone Pasta Bowl

Jars Ceramics
Item: Jardin-De-Maguelone-Pasta-Bowl
Diameter: 8.75"
Material: Glazed Ceramic Stoneware

Hand-made in France
High intensity firing at 1280°C for high strength & great durability
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Does not chip
Natural lasting components, safe for you and the environment.
As a result of artisanal production, pieces may have very slight variations of colour or shape
Jardin De Maguelone is a unique collection by Jars Ceramics. Each piece comes in a subtle, soft color palette, meant to be mixed and matched. The powdery finish will soften with time and use. This perfect but imperfect pasta plate, has irregular but appealing lines, giving it an organic and delicate shape. The nowl is Perfect for your risottos or home-made pasta or a large salad.