Plume Dessert Plate
Jars Ceramics

Item: Plume Dessert Plate
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The Jars Plume collection uses a glazing technique of applying several overglazes in dilute form to create depth and complexity. Multiple layers of glaze in variegated shades pool at the bottom of each dish for a speckled or blooming effect. The scalloped edges complement the fluidity of the glaze. Available in a range of soft, natural tones which complement the ivory outer surface. This piece is great for desserts, salads, appetizers, or side dishes of any kind.
Create a customized look for your dinner table with these beautiful products by Jars Ceramics. Plates, bowls, mugs and other items in this collection are made with elegant French ceramic that is as beautiful as it is durable. The contemporary styles blend in well with just about any décor, especially since Jars Ceramic dinnerware comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Choose a complete set or order individual pieces when you shop for these ceramic Jars dishes at Didriks.
Traditional Craftsmanship
Part of what makes Jars Ceramics such a unique dinnerware brand is that their products are made using traditional stoneware techniques. Founded by Pierre Jars in 1857, the company still takes a hand-crafted approach to their dinnerware, beginning with natural, raw materials and ending in a smooth, sleek dish. Multiple ceramists work on each piece as it makes its way from clay to tabletop. The resulting products have a simple yet refined look that’s perfect for casual dining in a contemporary setting. And because these ceramic dishes are carefully crafted and glazed, they feature the durability and resistance to chips and scratches that make them a good fit for any household. The dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe design is another bonus for busy families.
Stylish Collections
When you shop for Jars dishes at Didriks, you’ll discover a number of stylish dishware collections from which to choose. The Tourron collection is quite popular with its minimalist look in a variety of vibrant solid colors. For more organic shapes, choose items from the Jars Ceramics Plume collection or Jardin De Maguelone. With its rich, dark tone, the Samoa dinnerware set has a striking appearance that makes any plated dish look inviting. Browse through the complete collection of Jars Ceramics dinnerware and servingware at Didriks to find the best fit for your needs and your personal tastes.
Diameter: 8.75"
Dishwasher and microwave safe