Coasters in Blush Linen

Modern Twist
Item: CS008 DISC

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Size: 4” x 4”

CARE: Modern Twist has kept harsh chemical coatings off of all modern-twist products to keep you healthy & safe. Make sure to clean spills promptly to avoid staining your coasters & avoid punctures by keeping it away from sharp objects!

Although all of Modern Twist’s products are heat resistant to 425 F or 250 C, we do not recommend using these as trivets.
Inspired by nature & made with plastic-free silicone, the modern-twist linen print coaster set brings functional elegance directly to your table. The soft, beautifully translucent pattern enhances any surface while keeping harsh chemicals far away from your family. This forgiving coaster protects your surfaces from heat & water damage with silky soft silicone that never wears or tears. Add a pop of color to the table with personalized coasters, which can be written on over & over with a ballpoint pen & wiped clean with ease. The non-porous & germ-free material repels the biggest spills, leaving you free to enjoy the subtle designs & rich colors for many years to come.

All modern-twist products are made with 100% pure, food-grade silicone that is European & FDA compliant.