Silicone Baking Mat 16.5 x 24.5

Item: 60004

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Size: 16.5" x 24.5"
*This Baking Mat (16.5-inch x 24.5-inch) fits full-size commercial baking sheets. May not fit in standard home ovens.

Cautions: Do not use knives, scrapers, brushes or cutters on the Baking Mat. Do not cut on, or fold, the Baking Mat; store it flat or rolled. Do not grease the Baking Mat.

Care: Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Store easily, laying flat or rolled up.
Mrs. Anderson’s Non-Stick Silicone Full-Size Pastry Rolling and Baking Mat is a commercial-grade baking mat designed for rolling out all types of dough and baking in commercial-sized ovens, including conventional and convection. A must-have of cake making and baking tools, and a favorite of baking accessories as a countertop dough rolling mat, too! The non-stick silicone Baking Mat is reusable and more economical than using parchment paper. Foods release easily without oiling or greasing the surface for stick-free dough work and healthy baking. Perfect for rolling pie crusts, pastries, pizza dough, biscuits, bread, cookies, and fondant. Woven glass fibers sealed inside the silicone Baking Mat transfer heat evenly, so baked goods cook to a perfect golden brown, every time. It’s the perfect mat for artisan baking, like Irish soda bread, sourdough, and French bread. Strong and durable to outlast thousands of uses at temperatures from -40 degrees to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. It holds 54 (2-inch) or 35 (2.5-inch) cookies. Easy to use. Simply lay the non-stick Pastry Rolling and Baking Mat, logo side facing up, on a commercial-size baking sheet or cookie sheet. Place items to be baked onto the Baking Mat,and pop it in the oven. Made from FDA-approved silicone with a sealed, non-porous surface to eliminate the worry of cross contamination of foods. Mrs. Anderson’s Silicone Baking Mats are durable, reusable and naturally non-stick, so cleanup is a breeze.