Nantucket Hurricanes in Gift Box (Set of 2)
Simon Pearce

Item: 8283
The Nantucket Hurricane, one of Simon Pearce’s most iconic designs, is an indoor-outdoor favorite. Handmade by Simon Pearce glassblowers using centuries-old techniques.
  • 6" H x 4 ¼" W x 4 ¼" D
  • Capacity: 22 oz
  • Materials: Glass
  • Made in: USA
  • 3" x 3" pillar candles included.
  • Care: Clean with glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Extinguish candles before the flame reaches the base.
  • Do not expose glass to extreme heat changes, such as placing in the freezer. A shock in temperature can cause fractures.

Designer: Simon Pearce