Viva All Purpose Glass, Set of 2

Kosta Boda
Item: Viva All Purpose Glass 2PK

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Small: 3" Diameter x 3.5" Height, 7 oz
Medium: 2.87" Diameter x 6.5" Height, 8.5 oz
Large: 3.78" Diameter x 5.5" Height, 12 oz
Materials: Glass
Designed by Matti Klenell
The Viva series was designed by Matti Klenell, who was inspired by historical fine glass and classic utility glass from Småland, Sweden. “I wanted to make a series that invites informal, spontaneous use and encourages socializing. Glassware with broad functionality that isn’t governed by traditional rules. A favorite for serving any drink at any moment, and for sharing with friends and family.” Viva is intended for everyday use or simple occasions.