Libeco Home Apparel

Libeco Home creates wonderful shawls, and scarves that change seasonally. Bring soft textures and airy fabrics into your wardrobe with Libeco Home apparel from Didriks. These 100% linen accessories are perfect for creating a natural and organic look. The subtle tones and lovely detailing make each shawl or scarf feel like a work of art. In addition, the easy care instructions ensure that your Libeco Home accessories can be worn regularly while still looking as fresh as they did on day one. Browse through this collection to find sophisticated yet simple accents for your wardrobe.

Lovely Linen Apparel
Libeco Home specializes in producing high-quality, beautiful products made with 100% linen. The brand’s popular table, bath and kitchen linens add a touch of luxury to everyday life, which is just what you’ll get from Libeco Home apparel as well. These light and airy accessories are perfect for adding soft textures and volume to any outfit. These linen scarves and shawls are can be used for adding a stylish touch to an outfit or wrapping up in on a chilly day. The colors are inspired by nature, which creates a slightly washed out and worn in look that’s undeniably timeless. These neutral tones also complement any other attire in your wardrobe and allow the accessories to be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

Easy to Clean
One of the best things about Libeco Home’s luxury linens is that they don’t require complicated or expensive maintenance. Instead, you can simply wash them in your home washing machine with mild soap. Line dry or tumble dry to keep your linen shawl or scarf in good condition. You can even use steam to iron these accessories for a fresh, crisp look. Choose from the versatile clothing accessories in this collection from Libeco Home to add a dynamic new look to your wardrobe.

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