Pillivuyt Garrigue

The Pillivuyt Garrigue Collection is the charming and appealing collection of bakeware and serving pieces decorated with the herbs and flowers of Provence. The striking blues and greens include lavender fronds and hints of olive foliage. The motif is printed on a decal and then applied by hand, which requires patience, a steady hand and great attention to detail. After the decal is applied, the piece is fired for a third time and the design is baked into a hard coating of glaze, making it permanent and impervious to scratching or wearing off. Designed for serving, cooking, and dining, Pillivuyt Garrigue has excellent heat retention and is finished with an impenetrable glaze that resists chipping, scratching, and is easy to clean. Every piece is microwave safe, oven safe, and freezer safe. Free of both lead and cadmium.

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