Care of Berti Knives

To clean your knives after use, hand wash in warm water using a liquid dish soap. Please dry the knives completely. The blade should never be left to air dry. With the exception of Convivio Nuovo and other knives with lucite handles, the handles of Berti knives are made of organic materials. They are best preserved by avoiding prolonged exposure to water and heat. Dishwashing is not recommended, and careful drying is recommended at all times.

Wood and horn handled knives require periodic maintenance to preserve their natural beauty. Spare amounts of natural oils, such as olive oil, should be applied to the handle with a soft cloth. If available, oils used to protect horse hooves are ideal.

Please handle knives with care at all times, and use them only for their intended use. Avoid inappropriate use, such as substitution for a screwdriver, which will inevitably damage the blade.

Use your knives only on a wood or plastic cutting surface. Never use your knives on stone, glass or ceramic cutting surfaces.