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Acrylic Coated + Green Sweet Tablecloths

If you’re new to Garnier Thiebaut, you may have noticed we carry multiple types of fabrics, including Uncoated, Acrylic Coated, and Green Sweet. While Uncoated is fairly straightforward, as it is just the normal fabric (whether it be cotton or linen) - the difference between Acrylic Coated and Green Sweet can be confusing at first, seeing as they are both water resistant. But no worries! We’ve outlined each item below so you can compare and contrast the differences (including how they’re cared for).

Acrylic Coated:

  • • Coated cotton fabric with three layers of acrylic for water resistance.
  • • Great for casual, everyday tables.
  • • Cut-To-Size custom tablecloths available.
  • • Wipe Clean, wash sparingly in washer, air dry only. Ironing on the reverse side only re-activates the functionality of the finish.

A great option for your everyday table, Garnier-Thiebaut’s coated cotton is first woven with 100% two-ply twisted cotton, then coated with three layers of acrylic for easy care. This fabric comes in our convenient Cut-To-Size tablecloth option, which you can read more about here and is offered with either a 61” or 71” bolt width, specified in the item description. Along with our custom Cut-To-Size tablecloths, standard tablecloth sizes are available as well as placemats, table runners, and aprons. These fabrics always will have a repeating pattern, so both large and small tables will still get the same patterned effect, but to keep in mind, depending on the particular design some patterns may be larger than others. Lastly, these fabrics are proudly made in France.

Care of Acrylic Coated Products: Wipe with a non-abrasive sponge with hot water. Do not rub hard or scratch. In case of deep stains, clean immediately with hot water. Do not use detergent or fabric softener. Sparingly use washing machine if needed ( 30°C / 86°F ) but do not spin dry. Air dry only. Iron on high setting on the reverse side only, this will re-activate the anti-stain coating. Do not dry clean.

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Green Sweet Coated:

  • • Each thread is individually coated with stain resistant technology before being weaved.
  • • Great for entertaining and formal tables.
  • • Machine washable and dryable. Ironing re-activates the functionality of the finish.

The perfect choice for entertaining, Garnier-Thiebaut’s Green Sweet fabrics feature their patented stain resistant technology and their 100% two-ply twisted cotton. Each thread is coated before it is woven to create a product that is soft and flexible while still being stain resistant. These can be machine washed and dried and are available in a range of standard size tablecloths as well as placemats and table runners. Green Sweet items generally have one large pattern that isn’t repeated, but made to encompass the whole item, whether it be a tablecloth, or placemat. More often than not they have more formal themes due to the nature of their structured patterns, but this doesn’t discount more casual and colorful patterns completely! These fabrics are also made in France.

Care of Green Sweet Coated Products: For stains, first remove the solid residue, then gently absorb the liquids with a non-abrasive damp sponge. If necessary, machine wash ( 40°C / 104°F ) with no fabric softener. Do not use bleach or dryer sheets. Machine dry medium. Heat treatment provided by ironing re-activates the functionality of the finish. Do not dry clean.

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