Classic Spice Stacker Set

Port Living Co.
Item: C05

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  • Height: 4" / 10.2 cm
  • Diameter: 4" / 10.2 cm
These stacking concrete salt and spice cellars come in a gray/white duo, and are expertly crafted to fit together without slipping. They make for a beautiful presentation on your own concrete counter-top, and also work well for tabletop use. The stacking cellars are made of a specially formulated mixture, including locally sourced recycled granite and marble dust, which is designed to grow stronger as it ages. Their appearance will also improve with time, as an organic patina develops.

Each Port Living Co. stacking salt and spice cellar is cast in a handmade mold, hand burnished, then coated with linseed oil. The resulting cellars are smooth, strong, and offer the ultimate in functionality and aesthetics.